Was July 2015 really the warmest on record?

Note: This article needs some work.

I have been watching breathless agonizing over a NASA report that July 2015 was the “warmest on record”.

Example: Article by Mariano Castillo and Brandon Miller on CNN.

Example: Article written by Ben Guarino at Inverse.com.

Guarino wrote, “July 2015 was the hottest since we’ve been keeping records, according to separate data from both NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies….”

In fact, the NASA data cited by Guarino doesn’t say that at all. A quick glance over the data indicates many months where the temperature anomaly was greater than July 2015. In fact, July 2015 was the third smallest (coolest) anomaly in the last twelve months.

Below, you will find a clip of the data. Note that July 2015 shows a value of ’75’ which means that July 2015 was 0.75 degrees higher than the 1951-1980 average.

July2015 NASA DATA

So-called ‘science writers’ have a professional obligation to do basic checks the information that they cite. Their articles are being flung around on social media as gospel. In fact, they are nonsense because the underlying science is mistaken.