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Hello world!

Welcome to!

I find it ‘fitting’ to launch my GreenHeretic blog on on Earth Day, 2015. Why? I was an organizer for the first Earth Day in 1970.

How times have changed. I have become increasingly dismayed that the Green Movement has taken on a militant orthodoxy that tolerates no dissent from their point of view. Their materials reek of righteous condescension as the promote their beliefs as though they were incontrovertible fact.

Example? Let’s start with, ‘the debate is over with regard to global warming’. No, it isn’t over. The debate has barely begun. In fact, if we were to conclude the debate today, the empirical evidence supports the Deniers more than the Warmists. The very notion that the ‘debate is over’ smacks of intimidation.

As a consulting professional in the energy sector, I have become further dismayed by the excessive manipulation of information about renewable energy by the Greens. While they have been called out on it many times, that effort has not been effective.

Why have those call-outs been ineffective? Often, those who question the information do not, themselves, understand the issues well enough to counter it effectively. intends to address that. I have the expertise to expose their many canards.

What topics will be addressed? Anything related to energy and the environment where clarification is needed. For the most part, this means correcting mis-information put out by the Greens. However, nobody gets a pass. We will be delving quite deeply into the nuts and bolts of energy and environmental issues. If you have any topic suggestions, by all means contact me!

Why are you anti-Environment? That is a false premise. In fact, as I mentioned in the first paragraph, I am proud of the fact that I was one of the original organizers of Earth Day in 1970 at Carl Sandburg Junior High School in Golden Valley, Minnesota.

For that event, we transplanted dozens of trees from a tree farm owned by a teacher to the school’s campus. Those trees are fully mature today just north of the northeast corner near the main entrance to the school. The GPS coordinates for that stand of trees are: 45.005722, -93.366431. will not oppose green technology, per se. I take a dim view, however, of anyone being compelled to be green themselves. I also do not believe that the Greens should be spreading false information, especially to peddle products or influence public policy.

What false information? I have many articles planned. For example, I will show how the notion that solar energy is converging on grid competitive is not only not true, it is demonstrably silly. Such statements rely on deceptions that do not withstand scrutiny. I will show that the trendline for global warming is not statistically significant. We will discuss wind energy in considerable detail. Most of the articles will illuminate the canards with reference to specific articles and statements.

How is funded? At the present time, out of my wallet. For my day job, I am a self-employed risk management consultant in the electric power markets. I analyze those markets for clients for trading, planning and capital investment purposes. I forecast the value of electricity. I also teach about the business of electricity supply and consumption from a market perspective. While I will be applying information and insights that I learned from that work, none of my electricity business clients support this website.

However, I expect (hope?) to harvest revenue to support this site from:

  • Generic Advertising
  • Grants and Sponsorships
  • Donations

If anyone knows how to get money from the infamous Koch Brothers, please send me contact information! I would be delighted to relieve them of funds to support this effort.