Erroneous Report of Record Heat.

Seth Borenstein, AP Science writer published an article on July 20, 2015 that claims that the first six months of 2015 were the hottest on record. A quick analysis of the lower troposphere satellite data contradicts this story.

This empirical data shows that there were six hemi-years that were warmer. For 1998 and 2010, both the first and second halves were warmer. 1998 remains the hottest. The latter halves of 2009 and 2014 were also warmer than the first half of 2015.

What’s more, the data for the surface temperatures for the first half of 2015 is barely in preliminary form. It is far too early to make any such observations.

My question for Mr. Borenstein would be, why haven’t you checked this yourself? It’s not hard. Why are you risking your reputation, perhaps your career, with this sloppy, uncritical reporting?